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Offering Custom CO2 laser cutting and engraving and working with materials such as wood, plastics, papers and other non metal items for cutting, and then with glass, tiles and stones and some metals (anodised) for engraving our services are only limited by your imagination.

We are a small company who can fill a small niche, without a specific agenda we offer a custom service. From design, development and delivery we will look after you all the way in finding that right product for your need. Working with organisation such as child care and not for profit organisations we hold strongly to the values such as integrity and honesty. being based in outskirts of Brisbane Northside Australia all our products are locally made and majority of stuff designed in house.

Offering a service where we can design and cut or engrave your unique ideas so that you will have one of a kind product. In keeping costs down and keeping a thought for the environment we do not print catalogs and try not to have individual packaging. For further information on our green approach please read our Mission Statement.

We can cater for:

  • Weddings/ Engagements.
  • Schools/ Early education.
  • Families.
  • Social Groups.
  • Sporting Groups.
  • Businesses.
  • Retail.

If you have any idea or project please contact us HERE and ask us how we can help you.